Baseball/Softball Instruction:

  • Small Group Instruction (2-4 kids) — $30/hour
  • One-on-one instruction — $50/hour 
  • Our instructions begins with a run, stretch and throw. Followed by a defensive fundamental that will finish with hitting
  • Most hours are split evenly with defensive and offensive work
  • Our instructors will address the fundamental needs of each player first and foremost
  • No shows will need to call and reschedule future instruction 


Instruction Packages:

  • 5 small group lesson package for $125 (5 pack) (normally $150)
  • The full $125 payment for a 5 pack is due the first week of instruction.  5 packs are scheduled for 5 consecutive weeks and once scheduled, they are non refundable or subject to change.  This includes sickness, doctors visits, other sporting events, etc.  Instruction missed do to family deaths can be rescheduled.  In the event Britton’s Bullpen would have to cancel instruction, credit will be given for the missed day of instruction.  Simply put, if attendance will be consistent, a 5 pack is the best deal.  If attendance will be inconsistent then paying each week is the best option. 
  • Team facility rental – Additional $25/hour WITH INSTRUCTION

                                                                                                             Team Practice Rates:

  • $50/1 hour
  • $80/2 hours
  • $250/8 hours (time divided as needed)
  • $400/ 12 hours (time divided as needed)
  • $500/ 16 hours (time divided as needed)


Cage Rental:

  • $20/hour
  • Up to 4 players per group

Family Memberships:

  • $250.00 a year (one time payment)
  • Open access to the batting cages, pitching mounds and fielding area
  • Standard hours of membership accessibility are:
    • Monday – Friday 4:00p – 8:00p.
    • Saturday 9:00a – 12:00p
    • Or by appointment
  • The idea behind a membership is to have the accessibility to work on your own time

Britton’s Bullpen is not responsible for any damaged or lost equipment. It is the guardian’s responsibility to monitor and discipline children on the premises. Britton’s Bullpen will provide a safe and functional training facility, however, we are unable to monitor children. A waiting area is provided for your convenience. In the event you are unable to attend your session, management appreciates a call 48 hours in advance so that other arrangements can be made. Failure to do so will result in session being charged to your account. Emergencies and illnesses will excuse this matter on an individual basis. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation in these matters.  -Britton’s Bullpen Management