Extended Careers (College Ball)

Below are players who have suited up for us in the past and earned the opportunity to continue their careers playing college baseball.

Dillon Kinnett- Anderson College
T.J. Smerdon- Olney Central, Oakland City University
Nathaniel Schmittler- Oakland City University
Cade Slaughter- Hannibal-LaGrange University
Pierce Jones- Olney Central
Evan Hale- Lincoln Trail
Ryan Gill- Rose Hulman
Landon Robins- Lincoln Trail
Cody Steffey- Olney Central
Clay Goodwin- Rockford College
Gage Miller- Olney Central
Cole Clark- Greenville College
Jaxon King- Webster University
Landen Ray- Central Alabama
Tyson Jones- Kaskaskia
Cade Newkirk- Wabash Valley
Cy Cox- University of South Florida
Braden Childress- Olney Central
Dallan Cowger- Olney Central
Camden Cowger- Olney Central
Xander Willis- Oakland City University
Gage Stevens- Olney Central
Jacob Lents – Butler University
Gage Wilson – Vincennes University 
Jon Lawson – Salem State University 

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